Sep 10, 2014

Hello everybody!

We just started our Leondrino Exchange project and set up our Leondrino blog today.

On this blog you will find some news of Leondrino Exchange and information around virtual currencies starting in the near future.

Make sure you are informed and don’t miss the launch of the Leondrino Exchange Platform.

All you need is to read this blog.

Kind regards,
your Leondrino Exchange team


Sandra Leonie Ritter

Sandra Leonie Ritter is co-founder and CEO of Leondrino Exchange, Inc. and is an experienced serial entrepreneur. Together with Peter Reuschel, she was looking for a revolutionary way to finance upcoming artists with great potential and to turn them into global stars. This idea of creating a new financing option for music brands led to the Leondrino Concept for brands of all industries and the founding of Leondrino Exchange. She has a background as professional musician.